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  • Grades & Reviews

    Official grade records, professor ratings, and reviews.

  • Class Schedules

    View official Summer and Fall 2011 class schedules and course catalogs.

  • Degree Management

    Create a degree timeline semester-by-semester to reach graduation.

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    Find textbooks at trusted stores and compare prices simultaneously.

Official grades, professor ratings, and reviews.

Don't get stuck with a dud. MyEdu can help you pick professors best suited for you and help raise your GPA. MyEdu provides official grade distribution records and numerous professor ratings by students for over 750 schools.

Class Schedules

Get organized! Select your courses and let MyEdu do the rest. Prioritize your selection by time, prof ratings, or average GPA and MyEdu will create a customized schedule just for you.

Degree Management

Stay on track! MyEdu gives you access to an interactive version of your official course catalog. Create a semester-by-semester timeline and track all your credits in one place.


Don't break the bank! Not only does MyEdu build your booklist from your schedule for you, we find the best deals on the planet. With our instant price comparison feature you'll get the lowest prices around whether you choose to buy or rent.