Coaching 2.0

Personalized learning, reimagined.

Coaching 2.0

Human coaching is the missing link between learning a new skill and making it a habit. We’re reimagining human coaching, making it even easier to get the guidance you need to reach your full potential.

Join us for free early access to our new app and help us shape the way people learn and grow.

* Limited space in programs.

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What should I expect?

We’re looking for a limited number of participants to be a part of our free early access group with two of our most popular programs. All we ask for is a bit of feedback from you after you complete your free program.

🎁   Each early access participant will recieve another free program after public launch.

Someone sitting down about to eat their meal.

14 Personalized Sessions

Coach Emily KCoached by Emily K.

Mindful Eating

Eating is not only about what you eat, but how you eat.

  • Feel Healthier
  • More Confidence
  • Boost Mood and Energy
Someone sitting down about to eat their meal.

14 Personalized Sessions

Coach Janna'e D.Coached by Janna'e D.

Mindfulness Meditation

Rewire your brain and make it easier to focus your thoughts where you choose.

  • Improved Focus
  • Lower Stress
  • Feel Happier

All Programs Available Summer 2016

All 14 of our programs from personal fitness to business skills will be available at launch of the new version of Mazlo later this summer.

Coming Soon to iOS, Android, and the Web

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