August 28, 2015

Blot Variables

I use and love for my site. Not all of the variables are in the documentation quite yet, so David Merfield has kindly provided me with a complete list of them. I’ll probably delete this as the documentation is updated.


recentEntries: list’
allEntries: list’
allTags: list’


handle: string’
title: string’
avatar: string’
roundAvatar: boolean’
cssURL: string’
scriptURL: string’
menu: list’
dateFormat: string’
dateDisplay: string’
timeZone: number’
hideDates: boolean’
plugins: object’


id: number’
url: string’
permalink: string’
title: string’
titleTag: string’ // The HTML tag containing the title text
body: string’ // html excluding the HTML tag for its title
summary: string’ // plain text summary of article
teaser: string’ // stuff before , used before read more links…
teaserBody: string’ // teaser excluding titleTag
more: boolean’ // whether teaser differs from HTML
html: string’
slug: string’
name: string’
path: string’
size: number’
tags: array’
menu: boolean’
page: boolean’
deleted: boolean’
draft: boolean’
scheduled: boolean’
date: string’
created: number’
updated: number’
render: boolean’
metadata: object’
retrieve: object’
partials: array’