Hotel search for fans.

On an accelerated timeline and budget, a rapid build cycle was required. I was brought in to design, prototype, and implement.

Early build of the search-loading interstitial.

Various search components.

Various search components.

Design, Development

Due to space restrictions, I used animation to add dimension to the hotel card in order to reveal new information in the same density.

Design, Development

Hotel card variants.

Hotel card information variants

Explorations for integrating a map view call-to-action on the search results.

UI Design

Explorations for searching by map.

Design, Prototyping

Living style guide

Led the front-end design effort; implemented working design components with React including a living style guide.

Project takeaway

End-users, clients, and teams alike can all be great beneficiaries of nimble, cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Building micro-interactions is one of the most laborious parts of a product, and yet, when it is done well, the designs feel simple and the solutions obvious. This is how it feels when you see and use Ryan’s work. He has the passion and curiosity for its craft; and the rigor of modern development practices to support its performance. I know when I work with him, he will add value to the work from day one.”

Florence Truong Flo Truong @Amazon Expand

Additional Credit: Florence Truong (Brand Direction, Design)